Matriculation Day, University of Oxford

Technically you're not supposed to wear the mortar board until your graduation day but I couldn't resist, just for a quick snap. *Shhhh. Say nothin'* You'd be right if you think I'm lapping up all the pomp and ceremony of Matriculation Day at Oxford. Yup. Pure shameless. Oh my God, I love it here!


This is me at my college, St. Anne's, waiting for my fellow 'Stanners' to gather so we can process through the streets of Oxford to the Sheldonian Theatre for the ceremony. It really does feel like you're being admitted to a very old and exclusive club. But you know what? I am appreciating every single minute of how privileged I am, something that may not have happened if they'd let me in when I was seventeen.

And as for my classmates! What a bunch of supremely talented people from all corners of the globe. I am honestly humbled to be among them.